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The Personal Construct Psychology Information Centre is located in Hamburg (Germany). Its aim is to promote the spirit and values of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) by providing information on PCP and supporting organisations devoted to PCP.

The Centre is a non-profit service and does not receive any funding. 
It is maintained by Professor Dr Jörn Scheer, formerly at the University of Giessen, Dept. of Medical Psychology.

The Centre maintains a number of Internet sites that can best be accessed through the Personal Construct Gateway at which also provides access to other Web sites devoted to PCP (PCP Weblinks).

Specifically, the PCP Centre Hamburg is host to:
  • The  PCP Info Portal provides an information hub for the international PCP community. There is information on publications, conferences, regional and national PCP networks, and numerous links to internet resources, especially web sites devoted to PCP.
  • The PCP News Blog provides up-to-date information on forthcoming conferences, new books and other events.
  • The Internet Encyclopaedia of PCP is a collaborative effort of numerous colleagues, scholars and practitioners alike, and provides basic information on PCP and its applications. It is edited by Jörn Scheer (Hamburg, Germany) and Beverly Walker (Wollongong, Australia).
  • The (free) e-journal Personal Construct Theory & Practice is currently the only journal devoted to PCP. It was established in 2004 and is edited by Jörn Scheer (Hamburg, Germany) and Trevor Butt (Huddersfield, UK).
  • The PCP Toolkit provides "how to" information to people interested in using PCP tools (e. g. the repertory grid) in research and practice. It is being maintained by Trevor Butt (Huddersfield, UK) and Jörn Scheer (Hamburg, Germany)  .
  • The network Arts and PCP comprises people with expertise in PCP on the hand and a scholarly or practical interest in the arts on the other hand. It is maintained by Jörn Scheer (Hamburg, Germany) and Viv Burr (Huddersfield, UK).
  • The network Politics and PCP is open for people who believe that PCP can contribute to a better understanding of people and processes in politics. It is currently mediated by Jörn Scheer (Hamburg, Germany).
  • PCP in Europe informs about organisations, events, and activities in this part of the world.
The Centre also hosts the Web sites of  and has provided the Home Pages for several International, European, German, and Australasian PCP conferences as well as the European Personal Construct Association (EPCA) until that organisation set up a Web site of its own.

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