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17 June 2016

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17 June 2016

EPCA conference
programme online
The programme of the XIIIth EPCA Conference on PCP (July 7-10, near Padua) is now online.:

  see: EPCA 2016 Programme



2 May 2016

New articles in "Personal Construct Theory & Practice"
The Special Section "Constructive Criticism" in "Personal Construct Theory & Practice"

presents the work of the late Cintra Whitehead dedicated to using PCT in literary criticism. Most articles are reprints from her short-lived journal “Concstructive Criticism” that appeared 25 years ago. 

Articles on Shakespeare, Sophocles, Ezra Pount, Thomas Hardy, James Dickey and others.





2 May 2016

JCP 1/2016
Vol 29, Number 1 of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology has appeared.

For the contents, check this page:




23 March 2016

Earlybird registration for EPCA conference

The Organizing Committee of the XIIIth EPCA conference writes:

Dear Colleagues,
we are pleased to announce that the


for the XIIIth EPCA Conference on PCP
July 7-10, 2016


30th MARCH 2016.
Registration, payment of registration and other fees is done by the

online booking system.
Registration fees (per person) include:
-- Full entrance to the scientific sessions,
.. accommodation (3 nights from 7th July 2016 to 10th July 2016),
-- free entrance to the swimming pool and thermal baths,
-- coffee breaks, light lunch buffet (from 8th July 2016 to 10th July 2016),
-- dinners (from 7th July 2016 to 8th July 2016),
-- Welcome Party (on 7th July 2016),
-- Gala Dinner and Arts Corner (on 9th July 2016).

Please note FULL REGISTRATION is available until 20th June 2016.
-- Full entrance to the scientific sessions,
-- coffee breaks, light lunch buffet (from 8th July 2016 to 10th July 2016),
-- Welcome Party (on 7th July 2016)
is available at any time.  





23 March 2016

New issue of Constructivist Foundations

Issue 11(2) of the free e-journal "Constructivist Foundations" is online.





23 March 2016

New issue of Rivista Italiana di Construttivismo
Volume 4, Numero 1 of of the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo (Italian Journal of Constructivism) is now available online.




10 March 2016

New article in "Personal Construct Theory & Practice"
New article in the online journal "Personal Construct Theory & Practice":
  • Apelgren, B. M.: ‘Through the reading web’ – Academic reading in doctoral studies.





10 March 2016

CPN conference 2016 cancelled
The Constructivist Psychology Network (CPN) of North America will not be coordinating a biennial conference in the summer of 2016.

  see: CPN




17 February 2016

New articles in "Personal Construct Theory & Practice"
The online journal "Personal Construct Theory & Practice" published three articles:
  • Green. B.: An application of computerised corpus linguistics techniques to analyze texts – a personal construct theory perspective.
  • Korenini, B.: What do Hinkle's impgrid data really say about laddering? 
  • Greyling, W., Waitai, K.: Articulating a Māori educator’s pedagogical constructs: a co-constructed case study.
Access to the journal is free.





3 February 2016

EPCA conference deadline extended
The deadline for the submission of proposal for contributions of the next European Personal Construct Conference, to be held in Galzignano / Padua in Italy from July 7-10,

has been extended to

20th March.





28 Jan 2016

New handbook
The Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology, a worthy successor to Fransella's  International Handbook of PCP, edited by David Winter and Nick Reed, is now available.

David Winter

Nick Reed

  see details.




15 Dec 2015

XIIIth EPCA Conference 2016

Website is online

The XIIIth EPCA Conference will be held at Galzignano Terme near Padua (Italy) from July 7-10, 2016, organised by the Institute of Constructive Psychology, ICP

The deadline for submission of abstracts is: January 31st, 2016

Early bird registration before 20th March / 20th May / 20th June 2016





7 Dec 2015

WebGrid Plus
Brian Gaines and Mildred Shaw write:

WebGrid Plus has been released to colleagues at sites world-wide who are setting up WebGrid servers at their institutions.

The WebGrid Plus server being tested at has performed well and the *RepServe and WebGrid Technical Manual* has been written to support those responsible for the installations.

If you are interested in setting up a WebGrid server at your institution please contact us.

WebGrid Plus is designed to support dialogue in many languages. It identifies those available on a particular server and gives the user the option to switch between them. If you are interested in translating the WebGrid dialogue into languages other than English, or targeted on that appropriate to particular communities, such as young children, please contact us.


Brian Gaines

Mildred Shaw




24 Nov 2015
Cintra Whitehead who has published n the field of Personal Construct Psychology and the Arts, and in 1991 edited the journal "Constructive Criticism: A Journal of Construct Psychology and the Arts", passed away in Florida on the 20th of August, She was 86 years old.




24 Nov 2015

Conference on Dialogical Self
Hubert Hermans writes:

The 9th International Conference on the Dialogical Self will take place at the John Paul II Catholic University of
Lublin, Poland,
September 7-10, 2016




24 Nov 2015

New issue of Constructivist Foundations
Issue 11(3) of the free e-journal "Constructivist Foundations" is online.





24 Nov 2015

New Book
Rue Cromwell has published an autobiographical work about his youth in rural Indiana: "You'll like Linton".
It is available for $ 19.95 (softcover) or 29.95 (hardcover).

  For details see

Rue Cromwell
Photo: Website




27 October 2015

WebGrid Plus released
Brian Gaines and Mildred Shaw write:

WebGrid Plus
, a new major release of WebGrid, is now publicly available on the server at the University of Victoria:
The additional features are:-
  * Grid file upload — enabling grid data to be moved between WebGrid servers
  * Publication-quality image download — enabling WebGrid graphic analyses to be downloaded at high resolution
  * Histogram grid display — providing rapid assessment of whether constructs have been used effectively
Please test the new facilities and let us know if you find any problems. More details are available at the WebGrid Blog site:-
New WebGrid servers are planned for Sweden, Germany and Qubec. Let us know if you are interested in making one available at your institution.
The file upload capabilities should make it easier to use WebGrid with existing data. The grid file format can be any one of the many that Rep Plus already supports:-
* All our file formats from 1975 to date: PLANET, RepGrid2, Nextra, KSS0, Rep IV, Rep 5, Rep Plus
* All our WebGrid HTML formats: WebGrid 3, WebGrid 4, WebGrid 5, WebGrid Plus
* FlexiGrid, IdioGrid, GPack and GridSuite grid files should also upload correctly
Prior to the development of Unicode there were many different extensions of the 8-bit ASCII character set to support languages using the Roman alphabet with various accented characters. It is not possible to detect automatically which one is being used and we need to add a menu for users to select an appropriate interpretation if their grids are not in UTF8.
Currently all our accented and non-Roman grid data is in UTF8 and we have no samples of grids in other encodings. If you have grids that do not display correctly when uploaded please send us some samples so we can features to facilitate their correct upload.
Similarly, if you have grids in the formats listed above that will not upload, or in formats not listed above that you would like to upload, please send us samples so that we can improve the upload capabilities.

  WebGrid Plus

  WebGrid Blog

Brian Gaines

Mildred Shaw




18 October 2015

JCP 4/2015
Vol 28, Number 4 of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology has appeared.

For the contents, check this page:




18 October 2015

Alpine Tales 2016

Susan Bridi, Giovanni Stella and Chiara Lui write:
We would like to invite you to ALPINE TALES 2016, the first PCP Winter School!

4-7 February 2016 - Pecol di Zoldo (BL) - Italy

After the success of last year’s edition, Alpine Tales returns with new ideas and opportunities that will provide the perfect occasion to experience what living constructivism means. The event is going to be a “tangible experience of embodied constructivism: A “not-scholastic school”, where everybody is a teacher and a student at the same time, just like in our life, where everyone has something to offer or to embrace”.
Teachers, scholars, students and clinicians are going to be living together, sharing ideas and learning from each other, building bridges and sharing resources that will enrich their professions and their experience of Personal Construct Psychology. 
The Winter School offers an interesting program of experiential workshops, supervisions and Open Space Technology meetings. There will also be plenty of leisure time, in order to visit the surrounding area, relax or enjoy the local winter sports, socializing and exchanging ideas and interests in a more informal way.
Everybody is invited to participate in the co-construction of Alpine Tales, so feel free to present your experiential workshop proposal interpreting this year’s theme: “Embodying Constructivism”!!
You can register and find more information on the website

If you enroll before the 31st of October 2015 the registration fee is only 170 euros per person.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions or doubts concerning the event!
We hope that you will join us in our adventure on the Italian Alps!



17 August 2015

PCP conversations
Mary Frances has posted two new conversations with PCP colleagues on her website:
Alex Swarbrick on 'the myth of resistance to change'
Shenaz Kelly Rawat on her role as an executive coach

Mary Frances




21 July 2015

22nd International PCP Congress 2016
The 22nd International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology will be held at the University of New Orleans, Louisana, USA, in July 2017



21 July 2015

JCP 3/2015
Vol 28, Number 3 of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology has appeared.

For the contents, check this page:




21 July 2015

21st International PCP Congress 2015
The 21st International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology is was held at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK. from July 15 to 17. The theme for the Congress was: PCP @ 60: Past, Present and Future.

Photo: U. Hertfordshire



 3 July 2015

Webgrid on new servers
Brian Gaines writes that the online repgrid analysis programme Webgrid 5 that he and Mildred Shaw developed is now accessible via new servers:

"We have just posted information on two new freely available WebGrid servers to the WebGrid blog at

The server that we used to test WebGrid at the University of Calgary has been publicly available since 1994 and been used by over 100,000 users over the years. Some of the usage has been part of a doctoral research program, and WebGrid has featured in many PhD theses. Some has been part of a teaching activity involving George Kelly's personal construct psychology, and WebGrid has been used to enable students to experience the elicitation and analysis of grids. Some has been personal use on a very wide range of topics.

WebGrid originally ran on a Macintosh II computer. When Mildred Shaw and Brian Gaines retired in 1999 they purchased two iMacs to enable the University of Calgary to continue to offer WebGrid servers. These failed in 2008 but a colleague donated another Mac to continue the service. This failed in 2015 and for the first time in 20 years there is no WebGrid service from the University of Calgary.

We have received emails from a large number of concerned users and have been working with colleagues at several institutions world-wide to establish a network of public WebGrid servers.

Dr Marina Shcheglova is working with institutions in Russia and Germany to provide European WebGrid servers, and has made the first one available in collaboration with the Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management (NSUEM), Siberia, Russia at

Marina commenced using WebGrid III in 2007 and has been a supportive user through successive generations. She used Kelly's personal construct psychology to study consumer motivation in her doctoral research at the Technical University of Berlin, publishing her thesis in 2009 as An Integrated Method to Assess Consumer Motivation in Difficult Market Niches: A Case of the Premium Car Segment in Russia.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada has also agree to make their WebGrid server publicly available at

WebGrid runs on any Windows 2012 virtual server, and accounts on these are available from many University IT Services. The computational load and Internet bandwidth required are very low. It is simple to establish an institutional server.

We are hoping that there will be many more WebGrid servers established world-wide so that it remains robustly available for the foreseeable future, and are also working with users to translate the WebGrid dialogues into other languages to provide multi-lingual WebGrid servers."

Brian Gaines

Mildred Shaw




 3 July 2015

New editor for PCT&P
Viv Burr, Huddersfield, UK, has taken over as co-editor of the online journal Personal Construct Theory & Practice.

An obituary for Trevor, by VBiv Burr and Richard Bell, has appeared in PCT&P.

Viv Burr
Photo: U. Huddersfield




22 April 2015
I have the sad duty to inform you that Trevor Butt,  eminent PCP scholar and close friend, passed away on the 17th of April. He was only 67 years old and will be missed dearly.




4 April 2015

New issue of Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo
Volume 3, Numero 1 of of the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo (Italian Journal of Constructivism) is now available online.




20 Feb 2015

Alpine Tales

Alpine Tales 2015    

This year's meeting of the European Constructivist Training Network (ECTN) was held in the Italian Alps from 5-8 February under the title

"Construction is action - Practical application of constructivist  theories"




27 Jan 2015

PCPA website
The British Personal Construct Association (PCPA) has a new website.

The board which was elected in 2014 consists of:

Chair: Peter Cummins
Treasurer and company secretary: Richard Casebow
Foundation course  programme coordinators: Clare Morris and Cathy Sparkes
Courses board chair: Adele Pile
Director of diploma course: Alan Thomson
Newsletter and website editor: Dennis Bury





23 Jan 2015

New book

New book at pre-publication discount price:

Jonathan D. Raskin, Sara K. Bridges, Jack S. Kahn (Eds)
Studies in Meaning 5: Perturning the status quo in constructivist psychology.

New York: Pace University Press
$ 40, pre-publication price before March 15: $ 32

Jon Raskin

  see details

Sara Bridges

Jack Kahn




20 Jan 2015

New book

Another new book by Miller Mair:

Miller Mair
Another way of knowing

Lulu - 2015 - 356 pages

  see  Flyer  and Lulu shop




20 December 2014

New books

Miller Mair
Towards a Radical Redefinition of Psychology
The selected works of Miller Mair

Edited by David Winter, Nick Reed

Routledge – 2015 – 200 pages – Hardcover
Eur 111, 90

  see: Publisher, Amazon




Heather Moran
Using Personal Construct Psychology in Practice with Children & Adolescents

Publisher Info: 

Interested in PCP and want to find out how to use it in your work?  Here you will find work from practitioners using Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) with children and adolescents.  There are case examples and papers on important issues.  If you are a beginner wondering how to use PCP in your everyday work, then this a great start.  If you would like to be able to show your colleagues or trainees some great material so they can understand what PCP can offer, then this book will come in very handy.  The whole book is written in a friendly style to make it easy to read and understand.  There are links to other useful PCP sites including free internet videos about PCP.

This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iPad. Books with interactive features may work best on an iPad. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

-- Free
-- Available on iPad and Mac.
-- Print Length: 176 Pages

Requirements: To view this book, you must have an iPad with iBooks 3 or later and iOS 5.1 or later, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.

see: Website





1 October 2014

Videos on Youtube
Harry Procter has uploaded to Youtube five teaching videos on Qualitative Grids, especially the Perceiver Element Grids (PEG). He was interviewed by Peter Cummins.

The link to the videos is on

   Links to Harry Procter's videos

Harry Procter
Photo: provided




17 Sept 2014 Mary Frances writes:

I have just added two new conversations to my website:
Chris Walker reflecting on PCP in educational psychology:
Fiona Duggan describing her constructivist approach to designing workplaces
Earlier conversations feature other PCP colleagues: Liz Thomson on education, John Fisher on training in industry, Barbara Simpson on business education and Helen Jones on health leadership.
The conversations can be found on my website
on the 'in conversation' menu. -

Mary Frances
Photo: provided




12 Sept 2014

New issue of Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo
The third edition of the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo (Italian Journal of Constructivism) is now available online.

It is free but you need to register to obtain a password.


Editoriale, di Francesco Velicogna
Editorial, by Francesco Velicogna

Freud oggi: considerazioni di indole metodologica, di Silvio Ceccato
Freud Today: Methodological Considerations, by Silvio Ceccato

Due inediti, tra accostamenti biblici, problemi tecnici e nuove prospettive applicative: una introduzione, di Gianclaudio Lopez
Two Unpublished Texts: Mixing Biblic Approaches, Technical Questions and New Application Perspectives. An Introduction, by Gianclaudio Lopez

Il primo risveglio, di Silvio Ceccato
The First Awakening, by Silvio Ceccato

In principio era il ritmo. Primo abbozzo, spunti, di Silvio Ceccato
In The Beginning It Was The Rhythm. First Draft, Ideas, by Silvio Ceccato

La fondazione del conoscere, di Renzo Beltrame
The Foundation of Knowing, by Renzio Beltrame

Il potere, l’amore, la morte e Dio. Sugli sconfinamenti psicoterapeutici della Metodologia Operativa di Silvio Ceccato, di Felice Accame
Power, Love, Death and God. About Psychotherapeutic Trespassings of Silvio Ceccato's Operational Methodology , by Felice Accame

Silvio Ceccato, dal linguaggio al pensiero e ritorno. Nasceva un secolo fa il nuovo Prometeo, di Pier Luigi Amietta
Silvio Ceccato, From Language To Thinking and Return. One Century Ago The New Prometheus Was Born, by Pier Luigi Amietta

Silvio Ceccato: idee ed esperienze di un "maestro inverosimile" per una didattica operativa in una scuola "vera", di Gianclaudio Lopez
How The Model of The Mind and The Practice Teaching of Silvio Ceccato “The Unlikely Teacher” Can Contribute To Realize A “Real” School, by Gianclaudio Lopez

Porre - Disporre - Comporre (per un fare artistico musicale consapevole), di Gastone Zotto
To Put - To Put In Order - To Compose (For An Aware Musical Artistic Doing), By Gastone Zotto

Silvio Ceccato e la Scuola Operativa Italiana: un costruttivismo innovativo e radicale? di Sara Pavanello, Giulia Tortorelli
Silvio Ceccato and The Scuola Operativa Italiana: Is it An Innovative and Radical Constructivism?, by Sara Pavanello and Giulia Tortorelli

Un ricordo di Silvio Ceccato: Intervista a Riccarda Silicani, a cura di Chiara Centomo
A Silvio Ceccato's Recollection: Interview to Riccarda Silicani, by Chiara Centomo

Recensione “La linea e la striscia. Il testamento pedagogico del Maestro Inverosimile” di Silvio Ceccato e Pier Luigi Amietta, di Sara Pavanello
Book Review “La linea e la striscia. Il testamento pedagogico del Maestro Inverosimile” by Silvio Ceccato and Pier Luigi Amietta, by Sara Pavanell

  Journal website




4 August 2014

CPN 16th Biennial Conference

The North American Constructivist Psychology Network (CPN) has held its 16th Biennial Conference, together with the 8th Biennial Conference of the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM), as the First Congress on the Construction of personal meaning, in Vancover, Canada, from July 24-27.

The newly elected Officers of CPN are:

President: Caroline Stanley, Bridgewater State University (July 2014-July 2016)
Past President: Spencer McWilliams, California State University, San Marcos (July 2014-July 2016)

Caroline Stanley and Spencer McWilliams
(Photo: CPN)

President-Elect: Kenneth W. Sewell, University of New Orleans (July 2014-July 2016)
Treasurer: Valerie Domenici, Private Practice (July-2012-July 2016)
Secretary: Amberly Panepinto, University at Buffalo (July 2014-July 2018)
Newsletter Editor: Heather Hardison, Private Practice
Current Steering Committee
--Donald Domenici, Dickinson College (2010-present; current term expires July 2016)
-- Jack Kahn, Palomar College (2010-present; current term expires July 2016)
-- Jill Thomas, James A. Haley Veterans Center (2010-present; current term expires July 2016)
Student Members
-- Melissa Karnaze, University of California Irvine

-- Kathy Wu, Northeastern University


-- The Lifetime Achievement Award: Brian Gaines
-- Stephanie Lewis Harter Exceptional and Dedicated Service Award For Outstanding Service to CPN: Sara K Bridges

(Photo: CPN)

Brian Gaines
(Photo: CPN)

Sara Bridges
(Photo: CPN)




25 July 2014 Linda Viney, one of the leading PCP scholars in Australia, passed away.
Photo: U Wollongong




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